Premature Ejaculation

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Finding out the exact cause of premature ejaculation can be quite difficult. There are nearly as many reasons for premature ejaculation as there are men with the condition. So the possibility of finding a one-size-fits-all cure for this problem is really very slim. Men who find out the reasons for their premature ejaculation issues tend to have a great deal more success in treating the condition than those who do not find out what is causing the problem.

It is sometimes difficult to find the cause of an individual’s tendency toward premature ejaculation, because the issue may be physical, psychological or physiological. After awhile, the majority of males realize what the problem is and look for the correct premature ejaculation treatment.

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Tips and Recommendations to Last Longer in Bed

If you want to take longer to reach a climax but don’t desire to use prescription drugs or get a costly operation on your penis, you might be happy to find out that there are a lot of premature ejaculation remedies available. This article will help you understand nature’s helpful tips to help you deal with this hindrance.

1. Prolonging ejaculation

A good tip that you can use to hold off ejaculation is called the squeeze method. Rather than entering your partner when you feel that you are close to orgasm, squeeze the tube that can be found on the underside of your penis. Employing this method allows blood to be released from the penis and will help delay an orgasm. In the beginning, you may feel weird, stopping and starting again, but practice makes perfect. Also attempt this when masturbating if you are not ready to do this in front of your partner.
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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 10:

Since you’re powerless to alter it, just deal with it.

This myth is worse than all the rest combined. And if you fail to understand this mistake, you will not become the great lover you would like to be. And both you and your current and future sexual partners will regret this.

But I’ll tell you a secret. Controlling your premature ejaculation can actually make you a better lover than other men. Why does this happen? Because your situation will make you more aware, which results in being more caring within the bedroom. Although it is necessary that you feel positive about being able “to deliver” and thus can assume a dominant position as well. Most women want to be with a partner who is dominant yet compassionate.

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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 9:

If you can last a long time, she’ll be impressed and more likely to come.

If you are similar to other men who lack confidence about their performance abilities, your three basic fears are likely to be: Am I large enough? Will I be able to have an erection? Will I be able to last enough? And most likely in that order, unless you have a big penis or if you have one specific problem. If that is the case, the order will be different.

Not only does it increase the pressure to maintain penis size, but it’s also likely to reduce the erection time or the ability to get an erection at all. Don’t believe the people who tell you penis size isn’t important; it is. However, women don’t think this is as important as you getting an erection and maintaining it for a decent amount of time prior to ejaculating.
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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 8:

How long you last defines Premature Ejaculation

Have you researched the average time for a male to last during sex and judged yourself against those standards? Researchers attempted to define PE in terms of a time measurement that they referred to as IELT (intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency time), which is a fancy way of referring to the amount of time that passes between insertion of the penis into the vagina and ejaculation.

However, the statistics are hard to find, or they lack validity. Things are inconsistent – it all depends on where you find the info and what they use for criteria. A Wikipedia article claims that 7.2 minutes is natural for men but other research has said as little as 2 minutes.
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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 7:

Every case of Premature Ejaculation is identical.

Half truth: Premature Ejaculation is what it is… and it’s terrible. Much of the information on the topic does not differentiate between types of rapid ejaculation; the symptom is what is treated. It’s kind of like saying that allergy is one disease, when actually there are a variety of allergies with various causes, even though allergy symptoms may all be similar.

More accurate: Rapid ejaculation is caused by many different reasons and happens under many different circumstances.

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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 6:

Premature ejaculation just impacts how well your partner enjoys sex, but not your own enjoyment. Thus you are able to make up for it in other ways such as being more physically playful.

A lot of men believe this. You don’t have a problem coming, and it’s pleasurable, right? But your big problem is making her feel pleasure with plenty of foreplay, and she will be alright.

Only partly true. Certainly, attending to her needs will be better than nothing. Yet, this is the actual impact that premature ejaculation has on sexual intimacy.
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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 5:

“Kegel” exercises during sex can increase your stamina.

Kegel exercises work out the pelvic muscle referred to as the Pubococcus. It has been said by some men that if you develop your PC muscles you can use the PC muscle to stop ejaculation from occurring.

This isn’t entirely true. These are the facts.

For many men the PC exercises will help. These exercises will definitely increase your strength and possibly you will have more pleasurable orgasms.

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10 Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 4:

Your best bet is therapy.

This is the old way of thinking, but maybe it’s still promoted by others who would like to sell you costly, recurring therapy treatments.

This is just a half-truth. The reality is that the majority of men either discontinue therapy (you would require a long-term partner who is very accommodating, and you would have to realize that the outcome may not be totally successful), or some improvement occurs but they eventually revert to their previous condition. The top two myths offer you a couple of clues-the body simply goes back to its natural fast ejaculation “set point”.

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10 Important Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 3:

There isn’t anyone who understands your problem.

It’s understandable that you might think this, judging from all the useless information that floods the Web. You’ve given it a try, and you’re convinced it’s not effective in your case.

Most non-specialty doctors will give you advice based on questionable sources that aren’t up to date. The stop and start or the squeeze method, or perhaps they will tell you not to be concerned and that it is all just in your head.

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10 Important Issues About Premature Ejaculation

Issue 2:

You believe that in some way you’re abnormal.

Based on everything you see in the media, you are basically convinced that all men are inherently studs.

This is one of those half-truths. Normal doesn’t mean what is typical – it covers a spectrum. Not all men have the same capabilities, and physical abilities vary. Just like some men have a larger penis than others, some men will finish quickly and some men will take more time. Roughly 30 percent of men come before they or their sex partners would like them to. Therefore, coming too quickly is fairly widespread.

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